Taipei Teahouse – #RDU40 Live To Air

Taipei Teahouse – #RDU40 Live To Air

Taipei Teahouse’s first EP was released in 2014. Tracks ‘Beautiful Beast’ and ‘I’m Tired’ received radio air play across the b-Net on RDU, Radio Active and bFM. The EP was described by NZ Musician Magazine as having:

“.. a super laid back vibe…and took me back to early Minuit memories and also some highlights of Massive Attack. Some tracks lean towards a Wellington downbeat feel. ….the production is clean……I’m looking forward to see where they evolve musically as this release is a solid foundation. ”

After opening for electronica legends Minuit as part of their Final Fling tour in 2014, TT aka Kerry Coulshed and Janelle Palmer, began working on a whole new body of work that they describe as being a definite evolution from the first EP: darker, crunchier grooves, arousing beats with a subtle hint of madness. Incorporating visuals into their live performance is a vital part of what Taipei Teahouse is about. Expect a celebration.

They are currently collaborating with a film maker in Afghanistan in the making of a music video for their track “Beautiful Beast”. It’s a unique creative project between the two countries and particularly topical in the current political climate.

Taipei Teahouse played at the “Alternative Radio: RDU98.5FM since 1976” at Canterbury Museum on August 6th 2016.


August 16th, 2016

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