RDU98.5FM breaking news: Official RDU statement – NOT OFFICIAL

RDU98.5FM breaking news: Official RDU statement – NOT OFFICIAL

In a strange twist of events RDU releases a statement this morning that its satirical piece on yesterdays Facebook was not in fact the voice of RDU, but an individual rogue staff member now facing reprimand. This comes after RDU posted a Facebook post yesterday stating the Max Key’s single ‘Forget you’ had been banned from playlist.

The Station Director, James Meharry, this morning issued a statement:

I was unaware of this pointed posted until late yesterday, and it raises some interesting questions – but the facts are:

1] RDU is an Alternative Radio – this music was never ‘banned’ because it simply could not have been playlisted. Our licence states we must ‘be an Alternative to Mainstream Radio’.

2] RDU receives large amounts of submissions every week and we do not make a point of exposing those that don’t make playlist. We just shout about those that do. We believe we programme the most diverse playlist of music in the country, and on the eve of our 40th birthday, will continue to do so.

3] We play the ball, not the man. RDU encourages all Musicians, but we have only been pimping the good shit – regardless of genre and origin – since 1976.

4] I wish my staff member had been more productive and mentioned our coming 40th Exhibition at the Canterbury Museum – 17th March till 14th August.


February 19th, 2016

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