Heard It Here First – The Renderers

Heard It Here First – The Renderers

Heard It Here First celebrates the fringe, challenging and brilliant musicians who you would have heard about first on RDU throughout the years.

Cantabrian country folk The Renderers exhumed the rusted pickup’d drunks and dodgers of Harry E. Smith’s Old Weird America, married them to the heartbroken housewives of the sandblasted Space Race small towns, exported them across the Pacific, and invented a wheeling, wailing, New weird Zealand.

In the early 1980s Maryrose Wilkinson and Brian Crook were flatting together on Knowles Street in the pluty Christchurch suburb of Merivale, in a huge multigenerational, two-storey artists’ flat. Surrounded by large rambling grounds, it was home to filmmakers, writers and musicians, including future Scorched Earth Policy-maker Mick Elborado.

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‘Alternative Radio: RDU98.5FM since 1976’ is on at Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Ave until August 14.

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May 9th, 2016

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