The Nerd Degree October – 1st Birthday!

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The Nerd Degree October – 1st Birthday!

1063c Ferry Rd, Ferrymead
Orange Studios
$15 GA, $5 Concession (unwaged/student)

The Nerd Degree is turning 1 year old this episode!

Help us all celebrate The Nerd Degrees 1st Birthday by bringing along your friends…Buy 5 General Admission tickets (or spend $75 or more) and receive a 30% discount on your overall purchase with this special coupon code: ND1yrold

We may be sending half the nerds to Wellington but like that super creepy guy in the film Lost Highway, the Nerd Degree will exist in two places at once in October, as the crew presents two brand new episodes on October 7.

Episode 19: First up, Ben Allan leads the nerds onto the ground they truly fear the most: the sports ground! Covering the entire league- table of the nerdsports continuum all the way from Quidditch to Death Races, it will be a game of two halves, but comedy quiz podcasts will emerge the winner on the day as the teams get sweaty in The Nerd Degree: Big Sports Match Game.

Episode 20: Then, let Scott Koorey take you to a glittering future world where all the boring work is done by robots (except for the boring work of programming robots). We don’t need roads where we’re going – it’s The Nerd Degree: Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?