The Frank Burkitt Band – Live Recording

/ Dec

The Frank Burkitt Band – Live Recording

1063c Ferry Road
Orange Studios
$15 presales

The Frank Burkitt Band is not confined to one genre but it does have a very unique sound and feel at its core. Although heavily influenced by blues, country, bluegrass, swing and Burkitt’s love of his native Scottish folk – it is good old fashioned original song-writing backed up by a band that understands perfectly how to add infectious rhythm and groove (Geluk’s bass), varied and skilled solo breaks (Burnell and Jackson on fiddle and mandolin) and endorphin-exploding harmonies (Filbey on backing vocals). Intelligent and thought provoking lyrics are served up alongside music that is as emotive as it is foot-tapping.

The band will be recording a Live Performance at the Orange Studios as well as being filmed. If you want to be immortalised for all time along with them then make sure you grab yourself a ticket to this very special gig.

“Original material sung with clarity and emotion, a fantastic live folk singer with a very talented band of musicians.”