The Coronas (IRE)

/ Nov

The Coronas (IRE)

363 Lincoln Road
Dux Live

Troubadour Music are over the moon to announce one of Ireland’s most successful & talked-about acts in recent years, The Coronas, are heading to New Zealand this November / December for the very first time, with their brand new album The Long Way.

They have sold out everywhere from Dublin’s 13,000-capacity O2 Arena to The Olympia Theatre, where they played a record-breaking six night run. Their new album The Long Way was released after their recent signing to the renowned Island Records UK. It is a mix of punchy singles with catchy guitar hooks, atmospheric piano ballads, and folk-tingles admissions of guilt, with a dominating theme drawing inspiration from a relationship break up. There’s still the boisterous rock for which The Coronas are known – How This Goes, All The Others – but its more textured, a little cooler and more ambitious than before.

The band moved to London last year. Which matters because, as anyone in Ireland will tell you, The Coronas are a Dublin band. On home turf, with three double-platinum albums to date, the quartet could hardly be any bigger. They returned home to Dublin shortly after The Long Way’s release to play a sold-out show at Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham Park.
“As soon as we moved, everything we’d hoped for started to happen,” says singer Danny O’Reilly. “We’d always believed that if we got big enough back home, someone would sign us. Three albums in, we realized it was up to us to make that happen.”
“In London we lived together, which was great for sharing ideas,” adds guitarist Dave McPhillips. “The songs we wrote were in a different league because we had a new challenge. Knowing we were starting from scratch made us more ambitious.”
This tour will see The Coronas exhibit their new & matured live sound alongside their much-loved previous singles & hits. Lock down your tickets immediately to avoid disappointment.