Symbiotic Deathfest Christchurch

Symbiotic Deathfest Christchurch

Corner Colombo & Battersea Sts
Churchills Tavern
$10 on the door

Wellington’s annual death-fest, Symbiotic, finally makes it’s way down south after 2 successful years of sheer brutality in the north.


ORGANECTOMY | Christchurch’s own Slam kings, Organectomy, hit their hometown stage for the first time in 2016. Never failing to bring rowdy, bone-crushing Slams, Organectomy have forged a name for themselves as one of the funnest, while simultaneously one of the brutalist, bands in the country.

DECIMATED KING | Local Death Metal act Decimated King never fail to bring a suffocating atmosphere to their live performance. Comprised of wretched melodies and devastating groves, coupled with unrelenting blast beats and uncompromisingly vile vocals, and wrapped up in all around tight musicianship, Decimated King have earned their place over the years as one of Christchurch’s premier Metal acts.

CEPHALOPOD | Progressive, Technical, whatever you wanna call them, what’s clear is Palmerston North’s Cephalopod are quickly becoming one of New Zealand’s best metal acts. Featuring aggressive in-your-face vocals, solid groves, dynamic riffs, and impressive musicianship all ’round, it’s no wonder Cephalopod have been making waves in the New Zealand scene since forming in 2010.

SILENT TORTURE | Relatively newcomers to the Auckland metal scene, this band of young dudes playing some honest, straight up Death Metal has started to make a name for themselves locally, and around New Zealand. Check out their EP for some gut wrenching, face melting, bone shatteringly brutal tunes.

SANITY BREACH | If one thing’s for sure, it’s Timaru know’s how to party, and Sanity Breach are no exception to this rule. Heavy, slammy, groovy, bone-crushing Death Metal. Not to be missed.

DR. DIESEL AND THE OCTANE OUTLAWS | Started as a side project with members of Secularity and Organectomy, Dr. Diesel was formed with the sole purpose of getting rowdy. Having recently performed at Wellington’s Symbiotic Deathfest earlier this year to much praise, Dr. D are ready to bring their unrelenting brand of Slam to the homeland and tear Christchurch a new one.

VERMINLORD | New to the Christchurch scene, verminlord are all about the dank slams, savage blast beats, filthy groves, and chilling melodic riffage.

Friday, 16th of September
Churchills Tavern, 441 Colombo Street