SWERVEDRIVER UK – support from Fur Patrol

/ Jun

SWERVEDRIVER UK – support from Fur Patrol

Churchills Live
08:00 pm - 03:00 am

in a doubleheader with FUR PATROL

Nineties UK shoegaze legends SWERVEDRIVER return to NZ with old friends FUR PATROL.

FUR PATROL will open this doubleheader whilst celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Friday 17th June – CHRISTCHURCH at Churchills

SWERVEDRIVER inhabit a funny spot within the pantheon of classic shoegazer bands. They were always out of step with their 90s Creation-era peers, most of whom appeared content to disappear behind a veil of tastefully shimmering feedback and lyrical obtuseness. Swervedriver, on the other hand, were interested in ripping. Their guitars may have fed back through the requisite number of effects pedals, and classic Swervedriver t-shirts actually featured a connected bank of effects pedals rather than the bandmembers, but rather than shrink into the feedback, Swervedriver married their guitar haze with nods to poppy psychedelia, American film noir, and songs about fast cars.

FUR PATROL remain Julia Deans vocals and guitar , Andrew Bain on bass, and Simon Braxton on drums .

Its been 20 years since Julia got them together to work on some demo material. ANd within 4 years they had a classic NZ number one with Lydia.
ANDREW BAIN: Its been a few years, I hope Simon can remember how to count to 4, although some of our songs do go up to 600 so this could get interesting fast.

doors for all shows at 8 pm
TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM www.undertheradar.co.nz