SUBTLE SYSTEM feat. Thelem [UK] (Innamind Recordings/Artikal Music)

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SUBTLE SYSTEM feat. Thelem [UK] (Innamind Recordings/Artikal Music)

363 Lincoln Road (behind the Mobil Station), Addington, Christchurch 8024
Dux Live
Earlybird $20+b.f / General Admission $25+b.f

Heavyweight support line up : PERVERSE / ill-FigZ / SKETCH / REACH / BUSTER

Thelem [UK] InnamindRecordings / Artikal Music UK)

Now firmly established as one of the brightest talents in the ever-diversifying Dubstep scene, Thelem has earned widespread recognition for building devastatingly heavy beats whilst always looking to create fresh and challenging directions for his music. Matt combines pulverizing sub frequency architecture with a highly varied production palette, ranging from intensely dark and skeletal halfstep rhythms to the surging raw energy of his more techno influenced sound. He is supported by some of the most influential selectors in the game.
Inspired by the textures and soundscapes of artists such as Paradox, and drawing from other Drum and Bass, Hiphop and Grime influences, Thelem showed promise early on. With a dedicated and meticulous approach to studio time, and an emphasis on high quality control of his output, he was soon picked up by two of Dubstep’s flagship labels, Black Box ad Osiris Music.

In addition to his production efforts, armed with the daunting levels of sonic firepower at his disposal, Thelem has shut down dances at some of Dubstep’s most revered events. He has featured on multiple occasions at UK´s finest events as well as tearing it up internationally, gracing the decks at clubs all across Europe – including recent debuts in Finland and Romania. Currently Thelem is getting ready to head over to the USA for another massive tour across the states.