Stonehurst Single release

Stonehurst Single release
/ May

Stonehurst Single release

363 Lincoln Road (behind the Mobil Station), Addington, Christchurch 8024
Dux Live

Braden and Tim’s band ‘Superhuman’ was formed in Bradens home town Feilding. After High School, Tim moved back down to Chris…tchurch in 2007 and formed Stonehurst with Ben. Soon
after the name Stonehurst came along, it caught Tim’s brother David’s attention, with only Braden left to move down and join, it made the official line up locked in with all original members.

With their powerful projectile vocals, “Rolling slabs of Sabbath like riffs” and wailing classical guitar solos, and their ever growing unique style that keeps rock n roll alive and kicking. They attract new fans seamlessly with each show.

After featuring in the Christchurch Chart disc’s ‘Hard ‘n’ Heavy compilation, their full 10 track debut album was produced and engineered by Thom O’Connor at Quicksand Studios then mixed and
mastered at Whitebait Studios by David Cooper. They released the long awaited self-titled album ‘Stonehurst’ with a successful NZ tour.
Stonehurst’s main focus now is on growing in all areas as a band with independent management:

Songwriting, recording, touring. Their live stage show now involves full lighting display
(including projectors for visuals when able).