Splore 2016 – A Summer Odyssey

/ Feb

Splore 2016 – A Summer Odyssey

Orere Point, New Zealand 2585
Tapapakanga Regional Park

Pull up your waka to Tapapakanga Park and make this summer’s Splore Festival a milestone in your journey. Share with us another amazing moment in time.

Splore Festival brims with creative content and entertainment including music, performance, visual art, workshops and forums. Located 70km south east of Auckland and an easy one-hour journey to Tapapapakanga Park, Splore presents itself as an epic adventure tucked away in its own piece of paradise. The Splore experience is so positive, with its chilled and friendly vibe, that people have described it as a life-changing experience emerging from their festival escapade full of renewed optimism and enthusiasm for life.

Splore is a truly diverse music and art festival that caters to families during the day yet sparkles brightly at night as the party amps up with an eclectic music line-up. The food options are delicious and affordable with just about every cuisine imaginable.

Heralded as ‘one of the best festival locations in the world’ by visiting international music acts, the site introduces its’ visitors to a good dose of Kiwiana complete with a powhiri by local Iwi. With its beautiful safe swimming beach surrounded by 100 year old pohutukawas and a freshwater lagoon to plunge in – Splore never fails to impress the first time visitor.

Splore has a target of 85% diversion of waste to landfill and asks the audience to actively participate in this goal. Many initiatives have been introduced over the years to minimise the festival’s environmental footprint including encouraging car-pooling and subsidising public transport, reusable drinking vessels and a recycling system that is manned with volunteers to ensure it works. One of Splore’s greatest points of differences is the lack of rubbish and clean site. It sets the tone and a narrative for people to ‘love and respect’ the Splore place.

About Splore 2016 – A summer Odyssey theme:

Life’s a trip – it’s an epic odyssey. It’s a series of free rides around the sun, sprinkled with experiences forever etched into us. We start as stardust, our human body is the finest vessel in the galaxy, perfectly suited for all our adventures. We are Captains in control – our lives create our possibility.

As you hurtle through space on our resplendent Mother ship, Earth, our temporary home, measure your journey in family, friends, laughter and soul. Share your travels with other voyagers, seek out the joy and light. Dance and sing. Fill your suitcase to the brim. Make wonderful memories ready to embark on the next leg of your journey.

The Orere Point Inaugural Travelers Ball-
Splore 2016 Saturday night dress up party.

Tonight let us celebrate coming together to punctuate our shared odyssey through space and time.

A fourteen billion year odyssey has ushered us to this one night. Who have you met on your travels, who have you become along the way?

Dress to impress your fellow travelers. Formal attire, best spacesuit forward, dress for the golden days of travel. Captain, chief, cosmonaut, sailor, migrating bird. All travelers are welcome.

Come take the ride.