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Skyscraper Stan Returns to NZ For Nationwide Tour!

“Skyscraper Stan Woodhouse is a revelation” -The Age

After touring the country in the spectacular show “Bowie, Waiting in The Sky” (with Eddie Rayner, Jordan Luck, Alastair Riddell and Zane Griff ), Skyscraper Stan returns to New Zealand this October for a nationwide raft of shows to showcase the recent release of his latest album “Last Year’s Tune”.

“The energy is magnificent: Stan jumps across stage, he howls, he gestures with his hands to add emphasis to the story he is laying out before you.” -Tone Deaf

Joining him on the stage will be his extraordinary and rambunctious band ‘The Commission Flats’ featuring; Oskar Herbig – Lead guitar, Martin Schilov – Bass, Corbin Kuhtze – Drums and New Zealand’s own Reb Fountain and Alice Ryan Williams – on the singing.

Reb and Alice alongside Jess Shanks (of The Eastern) will also be opening the show, each and every night, with their band Ravens.

The first born child of a novelist and a documentary editor, “Skyscraper” Stan Woodhouse was raised with an innate appreciation for language. Although he had been writing poetry and fiction from a young age, it wasn’t until his mid teens that he first turned his attention to songwriting. Working nights at a basement venue in his hometown, Stan found himself thrust into the limelight after the proprietor heard him singing over a mop bucket. The next year and a half was spent bouncing between the bar and the stage by night and sleeping in University lecture halls by day.

Just shy of his 21st Birthday Stan relocated to Melbourne under the pretense of completing his zoology degree. Which he did, halfheartedly, and all the while moonlighting as a troubadour. The expansive emptiness of Australia has served as a great inspiration to Stan’s songwriting. His autobiographical and observational lyricism seems to belie his relative youth. Most at home on the Hume Highway or any of the other tarmac ribbons criss crossing the country, Stan tours extensively both solo and with is band.

Anyone familiar with ‘The Eastern’ will know ‘Ravens’

Ravens are punking folk!

Alice Ryan Williams, Reb Fountain & Jess Shanks play by their own rules

They’ve been roaming and singing for as long as any of them can remember, having carved their respective paths as folk musicians deep within our musical landscape. Long standing members of iconic New Zealand band of misfits and chancers ‘The Eastern’ these three are no strangers to the road.

Gypsy roots, forged from folk yet etched with brazen punk sensibilities make Ravens a welcome respite from New Zealand’s foray into soft folk. Refusing to rest on the laurels of tall tales, poignant prose and devastatingly beautiful voices, Ravens are Aotearoa’s trobairitz bringing sisterhood back into song and raw performance ethos back into rock n roll to boot.