Sabor Duo

Sabor Duo

Sabor Duo

88 Victoria St
Castrols Garage

Latin & Jazz

Wendy Mercer (Dip.Jazz. Dip. Life Coach) has a background in singing that begun at the age of 12 years old. Over the years she has had the priviledge of performing with many of NewZealands talented musicians and as a member of various bands and musical performances. In 1995 and again in 1996, Wendy played the lead female part “Jezebel” in the Wellington original rock musical ‘Moses sings the Blues’ and received a shining press review of her performance. Her leading role gave her the opportunity to feature with the lead counterapart Don Stevens (brother of NZ’s famous Frankie Stevens, & John Stevens- Noiseworks). In 1997 wendy begun to explore the world of Jazz and moved to Christchurch to attend the CPITJazz School.

In recent years Wendy begun exploring the music of the Latin Americas and also sings in the native languages of Portuguese and Spanish. She is currently completing the 3rd year of a Bachelor of Musical Arts in Jazz at CPIT Jazz school.

Wendy also has a background in Middle Eastern & Egyptian Dance (aka Bellydance), training, teaching and performing as a solo dancer as well as in group choreographies.

In addition to performing, Wendy has a background in coaching of both singing and Egyptian dance, as well as Life coaching and facilitating groups.

Wendy also has a passion for Percussion and has recently become fortunate to have tuition with master world percussionist Doug Brush, who was formally a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, amongst other numerous major credits, recordings and productions.