Pomeroys 15th Birthday Celebration

Pomeroys 15th Birthday Celebration
Free Entry
/ Oct

Free Entry

Pomeroys 15th Birthday Celebration

Kilmore Street
Pomeroys Old Brewery Inn
03:00 pm

Pomeroys Birthday Celebration

A special kind of birthday is coming up in Christchurch, and it’s the best kind of party coz’ everyone’s invited. Crowd favourite Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn is turning 15 this year and quite rightly is marking the day with plenty of beer, music and good times. Saturday October 29th will see the place humming with life as the late afternoon turns into a evening of cold ones and sharing some favourite pub memories with like-minded Christchurchians.

The festivities will kick off at 3pm with live music, 17 birthday beers (that have been brewed and shipped from all around the country) and a fun crowd including original Pomeroy’s lovers, as well as some of the brewers themselves. Available specifically at Pomeroy’s for the first week of November, the weird and wonderful selection of beers are reason enough for a visit, and go hand in hand with some classically good pub fare.

The pub itself can soak in the success of making it halfway through teenage-hood, having stuck with us through shaky ground, and consistently supplying warm, friendly service in a cosy nook many feel right at home in.

If Pomeroy’s has been an old favourite of yours for years, or perhaps you’re still yet to visit, the Birthday Party is a perfect opportunity for fans new and old to get together and raise a glass to a place doing things right for 15 years.