PARQUET COURTS w/ Salad Boys and BnP

/ Mar

PARQUET COURTS w/ Salad Boys and BnP

363 Lincoln Road (behind the Mobil Station), Addington, Christchurch 8024
Dux Live

100% GOOD, Melted Ice Cream and UTR bring you:


Monday 9 March — Kings Arms, Auckland *
Tuesday 10 March — San Fran, Wellington *
Wednesday 11 March — Dux Live, Christchurch *
Thursday 12 March — Chick’s Hotel, Dunedin *
( * = w/ Salad Boys)

It’s hard to do them populist GEETAR RIFFS without coming off as condescending to anyone, or worse, succumbing to novelty – yet amazingly, a band so full o’ licks has pulled it off, and that’s a move that hasn’t really been heard by us New Zealanders since the Mint Chicks. The fact that they’ve gone n’ done it four album-times already is a little unnerving.

Maybe enticed by their loose regard for convention, or just because we heard they’re fellow Gordons fans, we at the Melted Ice Cream Tribunal figured it best to bring PARQUET COURTS to New Zealand at once. (100% GOOD was 100% ON BOARD with the idea.) And being the record-crawling antipodean-enthusiasts that they are, the ‘Courts did jump at the opportunity to see some New Zealand bands: SALAD BOYS is one, a band hand-approved by their guitarist, Andrew Savage.

New Zealanders probably got a good whiff of the band at Laneway Festival when they played tracks from Light Up Gold, but judging by their latest Content Nausea LP, it’s now safe to give the compliment to PARKAY QUARTS that such dumb ol’ riffs and insightful world-reflections are very welcome here. Constant wisecracks to footnote unambiguous sounds: this is good. (There’s even a saxophone on the new album.) Really, this all proves that if there’s one band that’ll outlast the “instrument as fashion” spirit of the moment, it’s John Key’s kid’s new band, Troskey. (Just kidding, it’s Parquet Courts.)

“I’ve never had a favorite band that made me feel like such a dolt.” — The Rolling Stone Corporation

“…Hard-charging, catchy songs…” — The New York Times Weddings section

“Sure. I like brunch.” — A. Savage, guitarist