Othersun & Instant Fantasy

Othersun & Instant Fantasy
Free Entry
/ May

Free Entry

Othersun & Instant Fantasy

371 St Asaph St
Space Academy
08:00 pm

Come hang out, drink some beer and listen to those brand new Othersun songs from the forthcoming EP, which is out oh so very soon. Joined by the truly wonderful Instant Fantasy, who will be bringing her sexual hypno-drone sounds into the mix…

Originally from London, Othersun is an electronic musician and producer currently based in Christchurch. Taking inspiration from a wide range of influences, he forms his own blend of melodic and ambient electronica. Late last year Othersun released the debut music video for the track ‘Fox’ taken from the forthcoming EP, due for release in the coming months.

Instant Fantasy (the musical username of Gemma Syme) brings you some sexual hypno-drone in The Wet EP; songs about tears, getting moist and that sweat you forgot about that happens when you sleep next to another person. Though the songs are sad they give a sense of freedom; post-orgasm after breaking up with someone. It’s all gold for this synth drone ego-miner.