NZ Music Month Studio Tours 2016

NZ Music Month Studio Tours 2016
Free Entry
/ May

Free Entry

NZ Music Month Studio Tours 2016

1063c Ferry Rd, Ferrymead (access via Kite Lane)
Orange Studios
11:00 am

Ever been inside a recording studio? Want to know how the magic is made? Now’s your chance.

Come and tour one of New Zealand’s biggest purpose-built studios right here in Chch. Orange Studios has a fantastic vibe and their staff make it such a cool place to visit. Come and meet Michael and his team, see how the place works, where the musicians sit, where the loud instruments go and how each room is set up.

Some things you will discuss are:
• How the rooms are acoustically designed and sound proofed, and how each room is different depending on what happens there
• How the sound engineers get the best sound from their instruments
• What a Producer does, how a recording session runs and who calls the shots
• How after a recording session sound engineers make extra magic happen to get the best end product
• The difference between a studio recorded and live recorded sound.

The tour will take about 1½ hours (depending on the questions that you ask) and costs nothing! The sessions are open to adults, students, geeks and artists or anyone interested in how the songs or music you love is made. Parents of aspiring musicians are also welcome!

Each session needs a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15 to go ahead, so we need numbers as early as possible. One week before the sessions, we will confirm session times in case any sessions are over or under subscribed.

Please get in early and register your interest (name and number of attendees) via email to:

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