Metalheadz Christchurch featuring Goldie//A.I//Ant TC1 & Scar

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Metalheadz Christchurch featuring Goldie//A.I//Ant TC1 & Scar

153 Madras St
Winnie Bagoes City

Metalheadz is a Drum and Bass record label based in the U.K founded in 1994 by Kemistry, Storm & Goldie.

The Metalheadz back catalogue features almost every major figure in the history of the genre. A pioneering and innovative label that crossed boundaries with its releases.
The labels releases showcased a maturing genre of music that displayed the influences of reggae, hip-hop, house and techno and were highly-sophisticated and intricately-produced, contrary to the image of the music that had been presented by the mass media up to that point.

The Metalheadz label was also the driving force behind the seminal Metalheadz Sunday Session Club Nights, which achieved legendary status at London’s Blue Note club. Today the club nights are sell outs and the the label hosts stages at some of the biggest festivals across the globe.

Metalheadz continues to stay at the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene, releasing both the biggest names in the genre and also breaking new talent. The stable is home to Goldie, Jubei, Ulterior Motive, Lenzman, Om Unit, DLR & Mako and Mikal and counts many others as allies.

You can still count on hearing the best music the genre has to offer at it’s club nights around the world, it’s radio shows and of course it’s label releases.

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Known throughout the music industry as the “king of jungle”, Goldie is an artist whose ferocious creativity knows no bounds. Born and bred on the breakdancing and hip-hop culture he absorbed during trips to the States in his youth, Goldie was a graffitti artist and an album cover artist before receiving the backing to record his first track, “Terminator”, in 1993. His debut album, “Timeless”, followed two years later, and was hailed by critics as a masterpiece. The album fused the hypersyncopated breakbeats and reggae chic common in jungle music with a provocative bassline and soulful diva vocals. That album’s title track, a 21-minute symphonic piece, was a masterstroke, and the lively “Inner City Life” was a smash. With his reputation firmly established, he released his sophomore album in 1998, Saturnzreturn. The album’s opening track, “Mother” a 60-minute orchestral/drum-n-bass piece, is a haunting track and serves as the companion piece to “Timeless.” The remainder of the album, featuring cameos by David Bowie, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and rapper KRS-One, is a mishmash of Goldie’s signature sound. Critics were not impressed with this follow-up effort, however; many lambasted the album as too “self-indulgent”. Nonetheless, no one can deny that Goldie is an artist who will continue to amaze his fans and the industry with his epic scope and syncopated vision.



Artificial Intelligence aka A.I. are on top of the DnB game. The renowned production outfit behind the legendary “Desperado” tune—recipient of Radio 1’s esteemed accolade: ‘Number 1 Drum & Bass Tune of The Year’ 2006; and one of the greatest DnB tracks of all-time—comprises Zula Warner and Glenn Herweijer from London. For more than a decade the passionate pair have been studiously building upon their unique signature vibes in the Camden-based studio cave they call second home; cementing their position in the book of Drum & Bass with legendary tunes such as “Uprising”, “Bloodlines”, “Days Of Rage”, “Three’s A Crowd” and of course Stand Alone— their exceptional debut artist album for V Recordings (2010).

The full A.I. discography extends to all of the industry’s most established imprints: Metalheadz, Full Cycle, Good Looking, C.I.A., Innerground, Exit; numerous heavyweight remix projects from Eric Prydz to Kelis; and of course their own Integral Records platform—set up in 2006 for pushing groundbreaking music from artists they believed represented the movement’s future producers (which has largely rung true). Not forgetting, exciting news also includes a stunning remix of Lenzman for the highly anticipated Integral compilation album, due for release early 2014.

With heavyweight DJ reputations in parallel to their impressive production credentials, Artificial Intelligence are also renowned for delivering their fresh and versatile sets around the globe, headlining the world’s finest clubs and festivals. In their hometown of London, they regularly guest at Fabric and feature on all of the prestigious nights around the city—namely Hype’s Tru Playaz, Andy C’s Ram, Goldie’s Metalheadz, Marcus Intalex’s A Bunch Of Cuts and nights presented by V Recordings.

Make sure you keep your ear to the ground for more all-round A.I news as well as announcements for when Artificial Intelligence will be playing your city next!

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Ant TC1 along with Hidden Agenda founded Dispatch Recordings back in 2001, Ant originally helped out with the management side of the label before finding his feet within the realms of production; which was a natural progression for him having DJ’d on pirate radio and in clubs from the age of 14 (since 1992). His first release alongside frequent production partner Stress Level appeared on Dispatch after almost 3 years of hard work getting their collective sound where they felt it needed to be (before even thinking about turning on a DAT recorder). After their first release hit the stores they quickly picked up a wealth of DJ support across their early material and went on to release for a who’s who list of established Drum & Bass record labels including the likes of Renegade, CIA, Advanced, Critical Records Integral, Liquid V, Commercial Suicide, Good Looking Records, Bingo Beats and Samurai Music.
By demand remix work started to feature heavily within their output and the duo went on to remix for the likes of Hidden Agenda, Chris SU, Artificial Intelligence, Kabuki, Total Science, Optical & Ryme Time (Jagged Edge), Atlantic Connection, Tactile & DJ Marky. Branching out and working with other producers such as Survival & DLR has only furthered Ant’s skills at the controls over the years, Ant has also released his own solo material more recently on top of remixing for the likes of Lomax on Integral Records. In 2014 Ant realised a lifetime ambition, securing his first ever release for the legendary Metalheadz label “Hungry For Atmosphere” alongside Mako, DLR & Villem.

Ant’s production output has featured on a mass of compilations and mix CD’s compiled by the likes of Shy FX, LTJ Bukem, Total Science, AI, Spectrasoul, Klute and Brian G. Additionally his work has featured very heavily within the radio shows of Friction, Grooverider, Fabio Goldie & Bailey on their respective BBC Radio 1 slots over the years as well as BBC 1Xtra where Ant once hosted his own one-off 4 hour show, he has since additionally made 2 guest appearance for DJ Friction on his BBC Radio 1 show. His DJ’ing work has seen him play all over the globe from Adelaide to Los Angeles, from Hong Kong to Sarajevo, Tel-Aviv to Bangkok and last but by no means least regularly UK and EU wide.

Fast forward to 2015 and Ant is now responsible for the label management roles of both Metalheadz & Dispatch Recordings. Having released a compilation series on Dispatch, the hugely successful “Transit One” & “Transit Two” albums (topping almost all the usual stores weekly dance music sales charts across all formats), the label features a fine list of consistently quality single and EP releases from the likes of DLR, Break, Survival & Silent Witness, Marcus Intalex, Klute, Nymfo, AI, Zero T, Cern, Dabs, Skeptical, Dub Phizix, himself (and many more). Ant has recently remixed material for the likes of Cern & Dabs, Sunchase, Quadrant & Iris, Friske as well as having his own solo work remixed by Xtrah along with working on further collabs with the likes of Survival & DLR. Ant is also the head of Artist Management at both Outlook & Dimensions Festivals, playing a pivotal role in bringing consistently strong Drum & Bass acts to the Croatia every year, earning back to back 2013 & 2014 “Best Festival” accolades in both the Festival Awards & the Drum & Bass Arena annual awards.




SCAR is made up of Survival & Script :

SURVIVAL has a musical career spanning almost 20 years, originally as a studio engineer from 1993 and then under a number of aliases, the masterful drum & bass craftsman SURVIVAL has expertly shaped his personal sound. Building up a formidable back catalog, with regular releases on Dispatch, Symmetry, Critical, Exit, Shogun, DNAudio & Quarantine, Survival has also generated a spate of brilliant solo and collaborative releases with Silent Witness, Alix Perez & Octane & DLR for his own label, Audio Tactics

SCRIPT also has been involved in Drum and Bass since its formative years. Being around a close circle of friends who were already making waves in the scene, you would find him Djing at many events under different pseudonyms. SCRIPT has a back catalogue including releases with Dispatch, Critical, CIA, Mute8 & Footprints and has worked with the likes of Zero T, FD & Crystl.

Friends for many years with similar tastes in music, their paths began to cross regularly as both were releasing music on the same labels, so in 2013 they decided to collaborate on a tune. Born out of that first session was a piece of music called ‘When’ which was eagerly requested by Metalheadz to appear on the Platinum Breakz 4 album.
SCAR had arrived.
Since their first release on that seminal album SCAR have gone on to release regularly to high acclaim on Dispatch, Metalheadz, Integral & Horizons.
They regularly are booked at such nightclubs like Fabric and their DJ sets are in high demand.
With their latest release of the ‘Caged EP’ on Metalheadz and the remix of Goldie’s Rufige Kru ‘Dark Rider’ just around the corner, plus their debut album on Metalheadz in the first half of 2016, SCAR and their an instantly recognisable production sound are most definitely ones to watch for the forseeable future.