Hollie Smith

/ Jun

Hollie Smith

363 Lincoln Road (behind the Mobil Station), Addington, Christchurch 8024
Dux Live
$25 + BF

With support from

Phoebe Leyton
Siasoi Teevale and Adam Lord
Sayae (Sade Hutana-Sanders)

Get your tickets online for $25 + B.F from the link below

Hollie smith is one of NZ’s most predominant female musicians, this diminutive Pakeha, in her twenties, has the voice of “a big black mama from a Southern Baptist choir.”Over the last ten years she has toured internationally with her music and worked on numerous collaborations with other Artists including Fat Freddy’s Drop, Trinity Roots, and Recloose. The 27-year-old performer who is a beloved star in her home country with her chart-topping 2006 single ‘Bathe in the River’ set the stage for the 2007 release of Long Player which was put out on Smith’s own SoundSmith Records label and was promoted and distributed by EMI in New Zealand, which has sold near double platinum there.