Heads Together #2 ft. Alphabethead

Heads Together #2 ft. Alphabethead
/ Nov

Heads Together #2 ft. Alphabethead

336 St Asaph St
$5 on the door

10pm start.

A series dedicated to celebrating the weird and wonderful world of electronica, through the perspective of some of New Zealand’s finest musical aficionados.

There will be no set times. Our guest will play when he feels the the most comfortable, with his guest playing either side and the hosts opening/closing.

Fiksate will create a custom designed stage area for our artists to perform within, with a different setting created for every show.

Jacob Yikes will provide an original piece of artwork, based on each of our guests, to be used for all of the shows across the series.

Introducing our second guest, Alphabethead

Adrift in the sonic cosmos, somewhere between the constellations of Hip Hop, Free Jazz and Experimental Rock exists Alphabethead; a tea-drinking, turntable musician from New Zealand. A School of Medicine researcher by day who, after hours, hangs up the labcoat and transforms into Turntablist! Alphabethead approaches the turntable as an instrument to make music rather than simply a device to play it. For over 10 years, using the techniques of scratching he has breathed life into the skeletons of redundant vinyl. He has been described as “a virtuoso of the phonograph turntable” and “an outrageous performer whom you really must see to fully comprehend”.

Alphabethead began DJing at the age of 16 and for his first few years of DJing all of his gigs were either DJ Battles or Turntablist showcases. He was the Wellington DJ Champion 3 years running and at the age of 18 won the New Zealand DMC DJ Championship. His attraction to the turntable was the glorious sound of scratching and the endless possibilities that manipulation of sound on vinyl offers. A turntables colour palette is essentially the entire recorded history of music!

Alphabethead has also played a single turntable in rock and jazz bands touring New Zealand and Australia playing events like Womad, The International Jazz Festival and The Nelson Arts Festival. As a soloist he still gigs around New Zealand regularly. His sets are experimental and multi-genre affairs assembled with an abundance of scratching and trick mixing. He has released several solo albums of instrumental music and three albums with his band The All Seeing Hand.

Heads Together

Alphabethead with support from Buster
Hosted by Ruse Kid & Soultrader
Decor by Fixate
Design by Yikes
Friday, November 13