Hardboiled city // loca projects / rehearsal

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Hardboiled city // loca projects / rehearsal

209 Tuam St
The Physics Room

Please join us for the opening Friday 12 June, 5.30pm

A hot wind blew in a hardboiled city. For this exhibition, the city of Christchurch and the attitudes of its inhabitants is likened to that of a crime fiction story. Imagining an isolated scene where a strange wind blows and the ordinary person on the street feels less control over their surroundings, ‘Hardboiled city’ nominates the artist as a kind of antihero, whose material or narrative re-workings might propose a stranger version of events than the story we’re used to, creating unexpected connections and allusions or exploring a heightened atmosphere of tension, or unease.

The artists in this exhibition have made work that invites new readings against a backdrop of a city that is in a constant stage of change, and whose appearance is no longer sensible, or rational; it’s urban surface no longer intact. The scene includes the arrival of the nor’wester, a foehn wind widely believed to have psychoactive abilities to affect the behaviour of people caught in its path. During a nor’wester, dust and warm air combines with a general sense of malaise in the city: perfect conditions for the strange to get stranger. Subsequently, the works and responses in this exhibition use methods of storytelling, re-appropriation and soft negation to re-stage relationships between things, words and images.

A collateral project is a forthcoming publication that will be launched online. Contributors: Anya Henis, Ash Kilmartin, Matthew George Richard Ward, Victor & Hester, Virginia Overell. Editor: Rebecca Boswell. Design: Joel Cocks