Grant Hart Conspiracy (Husker Du/Nova Mob) + BNP

Grant Hart Conspiracy (Husker Du/Nova Mob) + BNP

336 St Asaph St
$40+bf presales, $45 on the door

Most ageing musicians with ever declining respect ratings are happy to rest on their laurels and live off their past glories. Occasionally releasing a creatively drained solo album to little or no critical acclaim and then touring the world with all the pomp and pretension of an overblown diva. But not this guy… and Tauranga Music Sux. are pleased to present the better half of Husker Du’s famed song writing collective to the throngs of his rabidly starved New Zealand fans for a series of concerts across this country in February of next year.

With a songbook that puts him up there with the great songwriters of our generation this will be a series of shows you will not want to miss. Accompanied by his backing band, the Grant Hart Conspiracy will be covering his impressive career from his days as the co-songwriter in the seminal powerhouse Husker Du, to his more introspective early solo albums, his work with Nova Mob to his incredible recent double album The Argument. As Pitchfork noted, the great thing about The Argument is that it not only makes a Husker Du reunion a remote possibility it makes the prospect that much more unlikely and unnecessary.

Oh and don’t expect some cowering, kick drum hiding, wallflower, waif peering out from the gargantuan shadow of Bob Moulds ego – anyone who attended his solo shows in 2010 will attest that this is a man who hasn’t lost a step and can write and belt out a tune as good as any of the young credibility leeching whipper snappers that have covered his songs and stolen his sound from Dave Grohl, Green Day to the Hold Steady. So please take the opportunity to join us in witnessing a true master of his craft perform 30 years of classic material.

*Christchurch Folk* Catch Grant Hart playing in all his glory with band at the darkroom with support from BnP!! This promises to be a fantastic night full of old and new material!!!!!