Gareth Thomas (Goodshirt) Fizzy Milk Album Release

/ Jul

Gareth Thomas (Goodshirt) Fizzy Milk Album Release

336 St Asaph St

Gareth Thomas will be embarking on a three-stop tour in July to celebrate the release of new album Fizzy Milk.

The intimate venues will provide the perfect setting to showcase the cohesive collection of tunes that make up Fizzy Milk. With Gareth’s penchant for storytelling flowing from the songs and into the live show, these performances will be original and unforgettable (we’ve heard he even plays a new version of his Goodshirt song Sophie!).

Fizzy Milk is the product of two years work from Gareth Thomas and he can’t wait to debut this collection of songs, as well as old favourites, in front of live audiences.

Tickets for the Fizzy Milk tour are on sale now from Undertheradar.

GARETH THOMAS – FIZZY MILK TOUR with support from The Map Room