Experimental 2016 II – Kelsely Abaza

Experimental 2016 II – Kelsely Abaza
/ Oct

Experimental 2016 II – Kelsely Abaza

336 St Asaph St
$10 on the door

With Dogfish and Ben Dodd
Kelsely Abaza is an Egyptian composer of avant-garde electronic music, electronic classical music and experimental electro-pop.

Abaza will perform an audio-visual concert showcasing work set for release on his debut full-length album ‘Women Have White Teeth’. The album is a collection of multi-genre compositions that display a wide-range of synthesis, sound design, composition and production techniques.

The band Dogfish will open for Kelsely Abaza’s performance at approximately 9pm with Abaza taking the stage at 10pm.

The performance will feature HD projections and videos by Kelsely Abaza.

Musicians Michael Summerfield and Ben Dodd will join Abaza on stage during some of his tracks, playing violin and guitar respectively.

The concert date coincides with Michael Summerfield’s birthday, so come and wish him a fine night!

Please join us on this night and bring your friends. Ensure that you follow Keslely Abaza on Facebook and Twitter for the single and album release dates and other news.

‘Women Have White Teeth’ is dedicated to critically acclaimed Egyptian author Ihsan Abdel Quddous.

IMPORTANT: due to the venue’s rules Kelsely Abaza was unable to secure free admission. Entry is ten dollars, remember to bring a note with you. Apologies!


If you have Spotify please follow the composer at: https://play.spotify.com/artist/4EAogwAcKreKoxnv1V3Eye

Facebook page for Dogfish: https://www.facebook.com/DOGFISH-1726326690922656/