Dicky Trisco

/ Aug

Dicky Trisco

357 Colombo Street, Sydenham
Dragons Den Social Lounge
$15 + bf

Local support from Martin Jay
The UKs top edit, reedit, rework disco DJ hits ChCh as part of the Disco Deviance world tour.

Dicky Trisco has been lost in music for some time now…running labels, producing records that make people dance and then playing them out at parties all over the globe. He is seriously addicted to the way music connects people and makes better days. His principal musical loves are disco, electrofunk, funk, dub, electro, house music with feeling and a lot of other stuff which makes a good noise.

Label-wise, he started out by setting up Deep Freeze Recordings in 2001 and releasing disco-influenced house music which established the imprint as a leading player in the house and nu-disco scenes. Then in 2007 on the back of his long term love of disco music and strongly influenced by his friend Greg Wilson, DT started up Disco Deviance, which has become one of the most respected disco edits imprints around with editors such as Greg Wilson, Ashley Beedle and Pete Herbert as regular contributors. More recently he has also been involved in setting up a new imprint called Maxi Discs with his good friend Pete Herbert and the launching of an imprint called BC to release Boogie Corporation’s (2020 Vision) own material.

As a producer, DT has made music as part of Boogie Corporation (2020 Vision) and the Electronic Boogie Band (Deep Freeze), as well as making his own Dicky Trisco solo material and doing remixes for Deep Freeze Recordings and many other labels (Smash Hit Music Co, Truffle Music, Mighty Robot Recordings, Maxi Discs). He also makes disco re-edits as BC (Redux/Disco Deviance) with his good friend Calum Walker and his own Dicky Trisco edits (Disco Deviance) for playing out in clubs. It is this hot blend of old and new music of various different genres (some like to call it ‘Balearic’) mixed up with his own bespoke DJ edits which makes a DT set a unique experience. And DT keeps his eye firmly focussed on the strength and the quality of the music and it’s ability to really get the party going.

These days DT spends a lot of time DJing at Disco Deviance parties all over the globe and also with the very excellent iamelectron (Mighty Robot Recordings) at their Autodisco nights in the UK. Autodisco DJs have played for Rizla Invisible Players at the UK festivals alongside Greg Wilson, Maurice Fulton, Justin Robertson, Graeme Park, Jazzy B, Andrew Weatherall and many other great DJ names. They have also played at the Rizla end of year parties around the country and at other festivals like Glastonbury. When not travelling around the world playing nights, Autodisco have monthly residencies at their own Autodisco night in Scotland at Heavenly’s legendary venue The Social in London.