Build a Guitar Distortion Pedal – 10am

/ Oct

Build a Guitar Distortion Pedal – 10am

165 Gloucester St
Fab Lab

A hand made distortion pedal is a great way to learn about audio and musical instrument electronics and also a great way for a guitarist to achieve a unique tone that they can fine tune exactly as they wish. In this workshop we will be building a design based loosely on the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer, modified with a fourth knob to allow more extreme settings if desired. The design of the circuit will be explained and you will be assisted to custom modify it if you wish.

What we’ll be doing
Participants will learn to solder, be introduced to 3d printing, learn to identify basic electronic components and introduced to their function in audio circuits and how they affect the sound. Participants will come away with a complete and functional guitar distortion pedal.

Activity includes: Electronic assembly, mechanical assembly, discussion of how it works, customising the sound and the appearance.

Who this is suitable for
Anyone interested in creating some unique sounds and tinkering with sound equipment.

Be sure to bring
Bring an amp and your instrument to test your pedal. The session will have a lunch break. There’s plenty of cafes nearby, but we also have a microwave 🙂 All the kit required to build the distortion pedal is included in the cover price.