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3 Garlands Road (The Tannery)
Blue Smoke
$20 + booking fee

“Jay Clarkson sits uncomfortably in the South Island indie continuum, she didn’t play the folk pop card, thump the garage rock drum or end up shaping sound or free noise. Her path was a determined and singular one.” – Audioculture,

Breathing Cage, the (Christchurch) 80s and early 90s vehicle for singer, guitarist and composer Jay Clarkson’s songs, is to perform for the first time in over 20 years.

local luminary Michael Kime on bass, Gary Sullivan on drums (previously Jean Paul Satre Experience and now Shayne P Carter), Greg Malcolm (Surfing USSR) with his utterly unique and highly skilled guitar style and of course Jay Clarkson will reunite this January to play songs from the Misericord album and a few others songs besides.

“We’re all really looking forward to playing as a band again,” says Clarkson, “I think we’ve each realised over time that it was a rather weird and wonderful and very dramatic kind of music we made! And that we worked very easily together.”

The album Misericord was recorded following the band winning the Rheineck Rock Award, a”mixed blessing…” in Jay Clarkson’s words. “My son Sam loves it! So I revisited it through him recently. The huge production didn’t seem terrible anymore, in fact it’s quite cool! So it will be a blast to do an actual Breathing Cage gig.”

opening the show will be Motte. Birds ascend and distant fireworks flash in Motte’s hypnotic soundtracks of violin and voice. At once soothing and disorienting, these are transcendentally crafted compositions performed by Anita Clarke and her one woman orchestra.