Berlin Kabarett Ubu Night

Berlin Kabarett Ubu Night
/ Aug

Berlin Kabarett Ubu Night

The Gym, The Arts Centre
Free Theatre Christchurch
$10 door charge.

The City of Berlin had two periods in its history when it inspired and gave shelter to innovative and international artists – both after the two world wars that Germany caused and lost. Ubu and his friends once again pay homage to these times, playing music, from the cabarets where Marlene Dietrich performed and the Broadway musical based on them to the edgy, jazzy New Wave of David Bowie and Lou Reed, Nick Cave and U2.

And in keeping with the traditions of German Kabarett, Ubu will provide a pataphysical take on the people and events shaping our world.

Ubu Nights are a series of entertainments (combining theatre, music, film and hospitality) that engage diverse communities in interactive and sensory experiences. Proudly supported by the Christchurch City Council, the Arts Centre of Christchurch and RDU, Free Theatre together with its hospitality partner The Rolling Om is collaborating on these Ubu Nights with Christchurch artists from different disciplines. The unique experience of contemporary performance is quite unlike anything on offer in Christchurch: “Ubu Nights are not to be missed if you want to be entertained with quality performances as well as being able to enjoy a simple glass of wine in good
company!” – (audience member, Frankenstein Ubu Night)