Bassfreaks Presents DC Breaks//Frankee & Dose

/ Feb

Bassfreaks Presents DC Breaks//Frankee & Dose

153 Madras St
Winnie Bagoes City
$29 + BF

Bassfreaks Presents

DC Breaks

Local Support from Maersk

Saturday February 27th at Winnie Bagoes City

Tickets available at Cosmic

R18, R.O.A.R

DC Breaks

Drum & Bass duo DC Breaks have made their way onto the widest range of playlists. Their hardcore club cuts have been rewound by the likes of DJ Friction and Andy C. On the other hand, the songwriting ability displayed on the single ‘Faithless’, featuring Bianca, has plastered them all over the radio. That’s just the tip of a very large iceberg. DC Breaks have earned their stripes in the underground but, with an album due in the Autumn and a packed festival season ahead, they’re about to explode onto the international stage in a spectacular fashion.

“The album is unlike anything we’ve done before,” enthuses Chris Page, 6’4” production dynamo and the ‘C’ in DC Breaks, “Good songs underpinned by seriously bangin’ drums and bass. There’s even live strings that make it really organic and fresh. I get down deep into the beats and Dan is really good on the songwriting and production.”


David Franks otherwise known as Frankee is part of a new wave of producers to hit hit the scene in recent months. Although a new face to many, Frankee’s history spans back more than a decade of dedication and hard graft from when he was first introduced to Drum & Bass via his older brother at the age of 13.

D&B, Garage, Jungle and Hip Hop dominated the household sound system with a pinch of Rock & Roll and Reggae chucked in the mix from his parents. Taking an early interest in this, Frankee went on to own his first set of 1210’s when he was just 14 and started spinning vinyls at home as well as at at a local youth club where he could share and express his interests.

Moving swiftly on, enjoying playing what he loved, Frankee’s next step was to see if some of his own musical ideas could come to light. At the time of his coming of age he took the leap into production. Many a year passed in the lab concentrating on all the key factors of producing a great song until he was 22. Things stepped a gear at this point as he began to concentrate heavily on his production. This eventually lead to a collaboration with friend and D&B don Basher.

Together, the pair produced the ever so popular track Nevada which, after sometime, made it onto Basher’s Transmission album. Bearing this in mind, Frankee had now gained recognition within the Ram Records circle and in turn gave him the confidence to hand a demo of his works to the 3 top players at Ram HQ, including Andy C.

Just two months passed until he got the phone call from Ram offering this versatile producer the premier outing on their newly formed sister label, Program!

After two critically acclaimed releases on program, 2013 saw Frankee exclusively sign with Black Heart & Wonderland on Ram. As if this wasn’t enough, several of Frankee’s huge tracks including a VIP of Black Heart made it into the mix of Andy C’s Nightlife 6 . With the success of these releases, Frankee was even nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the DNBA Awards.

Frankee kicked started 2014 winning ‘Best Newcomer Producer’ at the Drum and Bass award; while his latest offering Gully/ Away has been smashing up dance floors and charts worldwide and proves Frankee is a producer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

The future is set to be bright for Frankee, as he continues to appear at shows from the UK to Europe, taking his sound to the masses.


Dose is a unique talent who has created a solid and recognised
sound and reputation within the Drum and bass world.

Since his debut in 2006 on Optiv’s Red Light records,
he has released consistantly on a vast spectrum of labels
including some of the top dnb Labels like Ram Records,
Renegade Hardware and Subtitles Music.

With over 100 tracks being released by 2016, including his
debut LP “Mind the Future” on Klute’s “Commercial Suicide”
Imprint, Dose has solidified his place as a reputable
international artist with a sound of his own.

Over the years Dose has toured the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand numerous times and is one of the few artists around the world who will often DJ an exclusively self produced set of music.

2016 will see the continuation of Dose’s music being released upon the world with whispers of an LP 002 in the works. Stay tuned.