Audio Archaeology

Audio Archaeology
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Free Entry

Audio Archaeology

336 St Asaph st
The Auricle

A low key monthly evening of sonic explorations in a gallery setting through a full sphere ambisonic system. An anti club night of sorts, breaking down the four walls that surround generic electronic sound nights. 

Lost Temple & Underslung on helm of nightfall proceedings,

Guests: The Port’s Bruce Fox and Seaside.

Sorry, this one is the final update, bruce fox has just told me he will be playing live, which is quite different to a guest selection set. sorry.

Welcoming back the port’s 

Flux the Cynic [Grow Room/Inner Ocean/Mt Fuji Tapes]

as our regular resident lo-fi SP-404 hits of the evening on strictly lo-fi hip hop lounge vibes, dusty loops and some lazy rhymes on a couch this time around in the organic lounge sessions with Flux the Cynic & Seaside.

Bruce Fox Returns from across the seas with a live set alongside Master Lupin spinning Wisdm’s instrumental goodness. [Lost Recs/Indie]

At The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery as always.

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Audio Archaeology 002 Guest Schedule: 

[times may differ]

Lost Temple Selections 

7:00pm – 7.45pm 

Organic Lounge Sessions with Flux the Cynic & Seaside

7.45pm -8.45pm

Bruce Fox Returns: Live Set with Master Lupin 

8.45pm – 9.30pm

Lost Temple & Underslung on Helm

9.15pm – 00:00??

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