Arduino, MIDI and making music with microcontrollers – 10am

/ Oct

Arduino, MIDI and making music with microcontrollers – 10am

165 Gloucester St
Fab Lab

Learn about Arduino, a gentle introduction to microntrollers and digital electronics, while building your very own electronic music gadget. You will be shown how to use your Arduino to produce basic synthesiser sounds, how to connect it to a MIDI keyboard and how to connect it to control other MIDI devices or computers.

Participants will learn to solder, learn to identify basic electronic components, learn to program their Arduino, and be introduced to basic music synthesiser concepts. Participants will come away with their Arduino functioning as their own custom electronic music gadget.

What we’ll be doing
Electronic assembly, mechanical assembly, Arduino programming, discussion of how it works, using the Arduino to send MIDI messages, to receive MIDI messages, to produce musical tones, customising the sound and functionality, ideas for further exploration.

Who this is suitable for
This course is for people interested in extending the functionality of Arduino. No musical talent required!

Be sure to bring
All materials will be provided, including an Arduino Mini. If participants wish to they can bring their own Arduino.