Allanah del Dave’s Last Night!

Allanah del Dave’s Last Night!
Free Entry
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Free Entry

Allanah del Dave’s Last Night!

16 London St
Civil & Naval

Allanah and Dave, your salacious bartenders, local therapists and rent-a-friends are leaving Lyttelton for good.
For where? Palmerston North. Why? Start forming a line and ask them later (you’re going to need an explanation).

We got PZ on the decks and our very own Craig Shaw (they do a sick tune)
We have drinks and tears a’flowin
We have Allanah and Dave who definitely know (or at least remember) how to goddamn party.

Say your goodbyes, pass on your vestiges for them to remember you by, and drink the night away with Dave and Lanz tucked tightly within in your sorrowful arms.

Much love, the half of Civil that will remain.