ADAM MCGRATH (The Eastern solo)

/ Apr

ADAM MCGRATH (The Eastern solo)

3 Garlands Road
Blue Smoke
$20 from Undertheradar

Pans flash, wonders hit once, the good looking get old and the lifers just keep on. That’s Adam McGrath’s story anyway and he’s sticking to it. He especially sticks to it when the dollars run low and his knees start aching and he’s wondering exactly which town he is exactly in again.

He keeps the wolves from his mental doors by acknowledging the long game, the long game across the long miles and through the long years; the long game he can’t seem to stop playing.

Ten years burning down the road with kiwi folk road dogs The Eastern and month long solo rambles in the gaps between, have kept him in the game, throwing down for all comers in all settings, from support slots with Steve Earle and Fleetwood Mac, to union rallies, back yard charity shows and bar gigs in no name places, playing for all the no name folks who failed to show up.

If its a dream he’s lived it, if its a nightmare, he’s yet to wake up. This April 15th see’s him in solo shape offering up hilarious, touching and telling yarns and stories between the songs, which will be part little heard Eastern numbers and new quieter solo songs. The night will be amped with McGraths trademark energy and rabble rousing and infused with his undamnable belief in hope and spirit of both the human and midshelf kind.