Adam McGrath; Keep the hope machine running

/ May

Adam McGrath; Keep the hope machine running

19 London St
$20 + BF

A Nepalese Earthquake fundraiser and bucket filler..

Adam McGrath is a folk singer stationed in Port Lyttelton. He travels the state highways and byways of New Zealand and parts beyond, slinging songs and offering up low rent barroom philosophy with his band of misfits and chancers, The Eastern. This Autumn McGrath hits out on his own to wrestle with the new songs, put some quiet spaces in the old ones and try and remember to actually play the songs themselves between the stories!

He has decided to turn his hometown show into a fundraiser for the Nepalese Earthquakes. He will share the stage with many of Christchurch’s finest and friendliest musicians, and they will all sing the the true good songs of Woodie Guthrie together. 100% of the ticket sales will be donated to charity.