ACAB zine release

ACAB zine release
/ Jul

ACAB zine release

London Street

ACAB: Adult Colouring Activity Book release!

Featuring the talents of: Belladonna, Hopeless Christian, Gloria Vale and Henric…

$10 entry fee including a copy of the ZINE! All proceeds go to Rotten Radio. 107.7 Lyttelton

Some of the subject matter tackled in by the ACAB zine includes:
Another Clearance At Briscos
A Childish Action Bronson
A Cold-Ass Brewski
Astral-Cthulu: All Behold

Hoon Gloria Vale here:

Belladonna is a heavy psyche, mantra/doom influenced , bitter sweet hard rock band. Kind of like The Velvet Underground slipping mickey finns to Black Sabbath.

Henric is electronic/industrial/badass Henry Nicol who you may know from luminary Christchurch bands Pavement Saw, Loghorn Breed, Dikhammer etc.

Hopeless Christian: Casiotonal and circuit bent devotional music