NZMM Artist of the Day – Bressa Creeting Cake

NZMM Artist of the Day – Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake – Egyptian Tanker
Formed in Auckland in 1991 around the nucleus of Edmund Cake, Geoff Maddock and Joel Wilton, Bressa Creeting Cake’s first recordings were made by Ed on four tracks and Ed and Dave at a 16-track studio the band was lent. A few of these songs were being played on the Student Radio Network by 1994 and the band had found an audience. They played live irregularly, and mostly with a completely different set of songs from the previous show, often in costumes that made them appear as monks. By 1999, the band had ended, with Maddock and Wilton playing in an early line-up of Goldenhorse, reforming briefly in 2009 for an NZ Tour.


May 4th, 2016

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