The Great Pomeroys Pub Quiz!

The Great Pomeroys Pub Quiz!

This April, our chosen few partner is the iconic English-Style Christchurch Pub, Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn.

All good pubs have a pub quiz, so we’ve put together the Great Pomeroys Pub Quiz! Although you won’t need to school yourself up on Geography and History, and the “Music Section” won’t be full of pop music.

Our pub quiz is all about Pomeroys, and you could win a spot for yourself and a friend on a Brewery tour through the Pomeroys Brewery! We’ll be picking 3 winners each week.

Tune into Up Again with James Dann, where he’ll be asking the tough questions each week. They may be hard, and perhaps even obscure. But if you don’t know the answers, just head to Pomeroys! You can find out there.

And while you’re there, grab a great pint deal on the RDU App. $6 Pomeroys Pints Tuesday to Friday, and $8 Beer Baroness Pints Saturday and Sunday.


April 6th, 2016

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