This Weeks top Glitch Hop Tracks

This Weeks top Glitch Hop Tracks

Here’s the EDMSauce and Glitch in the System top 5 Glitch hop tracks of the week.

Tune in to hear them and a whole array of other glitchy goodness from 7:30 – 9:30pm (NZT) every Wednesday.


1. Tipper – It’s Like

The latest release from Tipper came in a surprise last week and our writer Evan covers the release. We’ve got his title tracks sitting in the number one spot. You can get it here.

2. SpekrFreks – Fallen

Just loving these guys more and more each and every release. Electro swing meets funk and hip-hop style, firm glitch and bass music. Grab this one from the SpekrFreks on iTunes here.

3. Mr. Ours & Mother Funkers – Back Once Again

New collaboration out on Adapted Records from two outstanding producers. Buy it here.

4. Nas-Ja – Undermining Means

Sick new release, this was an exclusive tune via The Dankles. Get it here on Bandcamp.

5. Peex – Stomp

Was going through Slynk’s Shambhala mix and found this one. It’s not the most glitchy tune but it makes up for breaks with all kinds of funk. Grab it here on Bandcamp.



October 21st, 2015

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