Prognosis Exclusive RDU Mix: Matter

Prognosis Exclusive RDU Mix: Matter

The fourth ProgNosis Show International Artist mix hits the airwaves this Friday at 6pm. I’ve been a massive fan of his music for years and it’s an absolute thrill to have this stunning artist lay down a special 90 minute mix for the show: Matter

Tune in at 6pm this Friday,  May 11th to hear Matter’s 90 minute exclusive RDU mix on Prognosis.

“Deep synth lines, driving bass and pulsating rhythms are all part of Matter’s captivating signature style.” From humble beginnings as a DJ performing in the clubs of Melbourne and London, Matter now finds himself spending his time carefully sculpting new audio landscapes in his studio. His vision is a simple but profound one, with his music he aims to take each and every listener on a spontaneous and inspiring journey. As a live act Matter brings his own unique energy, engaging the crowd and shaping each performance into its own distinct experience.

Simon Claridge

May 9th, 2018

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