Up Again with James Dann

Up Again with James Dann
Show Name
Up Again with James Dann
Show Time
Mon - Fri 7:30am - 9:30am
James / Gemma
Genre / Theme

Every Day

  • 0800 News, weather and traffic
  • 0900 News and weather
  • 0930 What’s on RDU and the Gig Guide

Monday (brought to you by The Grow Shop)

  • 0915 Movie Review With Nick Paris


  • Music and other goodies

Wednesday (brought to you by Scorpio Books)

  • 0915 The Book Review with Rachel, Cassie and Dave from Scorpio Books

Thursday (brought to you by Rhythm & Alps)

  • 0915 Pepperell’s Picks with Martyn Pepperell

Friday (brought to you by Three Boys Brewery)

  • 0845 James Shaw, Green Party Co-Leader (Every second week).
  • 0915 Neat Places with Johnny (Every second week).


See Mixcloud below for Tasty nuggets of stuff that happened on Up Again.