Full On Idle / The Hitlist

Full On Idle / The Hitlist
Show Name
Show Time
Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30pm
Gareth / Hat
Genre / Theme
Alternative rock, Weird pop, Stone cold classics / Lists

The Hitlist and Full On Idle are on a bi-weekly rotation.

Hosted by Hat, The Hitlist combines two of his many obsessions. Music and making lists.

Supported by a Research Team of truly obsessive List Makers, Hat dedicates the show each week to those who were frowned upon by others because they were compelled to write everything down in a list. The HitList showcases a weekly list of the “Top 5 Songs of all Time Ever” about something. Occasionally, about nothing.

Never wrong, these lists are truly Hit Lists. Not downloadable as a podcast. Not posted on any blogspot. Release the inner nerd and listen to RDU98.5FM every Wednesday night between 6 and 7:30pm. Put it on your To Do list!


Some of the lists we have done over the years:

Religion, Drugs, Swearing, Protest songs, Most Miserable songs ever, Bearded singers, Fighting, Secret Shames, Songs that are just weird, DIY Heroes, Colours, Covers, Vocoder, Scotland, Countries, Cities, Summer, Best Bass, Lines, Love, Hate, War and Peace, Winter, Rain, Royalty, Apologies, Goodbyes, End of the World, Dancing, Sickness, Flowers, Murder, Dogs, Halloween, Parks and Recreation, Storms And the list goes on.


Join Gareth every second week as he crosses the length and breadth of the Alternative Nation, playing classic indie, punk and new wave, flecks of country and folk, a sweet selection of fresh tunes and past greats, mostly guitars, sometimes other stuff.