170+ with Maxwell Monika

170+ with Maxwell Monika
Show Name
MONKIA Mondays
Show Time
Monday 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Maxwell Sweeney
Genre / Theme

Making waves in the drum & bass scene is UK-born Maxwell ‘Monika’ Sweeney.

Maxwell has been busy carving out a prolific portfolio over the past few years, racking up releases on Soulvent Records alongside the likes of Shogun Audio, and Med School Music.

His Monday night show ‘170+ with Maxwell Monika’ is a weekly mix of all the best new dnb from the scene, plus any other bits from beyond the genre that Maxwell has been listening to that week.

Monika also aims to showcase all the best local dance music, so if you have any demos, fire an mp3 over to max.monikamusic@gmail.com